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ANNA'S VIOLIN is a working title for an upcoming Feature Film based of the novel "From Out of The Forest." 

A legend that still lives based off of a true story; About a journey of forbidden love between a poor boy and a rich girl, that go through struggles with the Native American tribes on the Western Frontier during the Revolutionary War.

This is a story of an innocent girl, Anna McDade, whom meets the love of her life John Martin “Blood Brother to the Seneca."  Anna is convinced by her husband Sandy Potts to head West, pioneering to Ohio to start their own farm,  while interacting with various native tribes from Ohio.

During the journey west, Anna McDade is singled out by the natives for her unique features and is soon known as “The Great Spirit Woman with Hair of Fire.”

It is when Anna, and her family starts to settle and trade with the Native Americans. That a few warriors who show a great desire for two Of Anna's most prized possessions are refused by the Great Spirit Woman with Hair of Fire.  Such an act displeases the warriors in question that begin a turn of events, which ultimately leads to a climatic sorrow in the life of Anna's family.

It is then when the Great Spirit travels in and out of the forest once a year during winter and coming back in the spring season to search for her two daughters.

“Anna’s Violin” is an epic saga filled with drama, action, romance, and all around a super natural thriller... giving you the experience of real-life tragedies taking place during the late 17th and early 18th century. It is a fatalistic tale of serious events, natural humor, as well as moments of camaraderie and support from other human beings, dealing with frontier life, the Revolutionary War, expansion of the Americans struggle and the displacement of Americans First Peoples, while surviving in a land that created a harsh reality.


The film will be adapted from William Winebrenner's 1998 novel “From Out Of The Forest.”  

The film will mainly take place in Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio.

This true story is guaranteed to keep you intrigued and the mind to only wonder what happens next.


Based on a true story  and Novel
From Out Of The Forest
by : William 'Yno' Winebrenner

A must read that will leave your spine tingling.

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